How do I get a free plesk key?

How do I get a free plesk key?
Published in : 19 Sep 2022

How do I get a free plesk key?

What is a Plesk panel?

Plesk panel is a software that allows you to easily manage your server and website with the structure used by web design and server owners in today's world.

How to download Plesk panel?

You can download and install the Plesk panel from its own website, or you can choose your server during installation from where you bought it. If your ready company does not allow installation, you can follow the steps below to install it yourself.

How much do Plesk panels cost?

Prices will vary according to the structure of your system, you can easily choose the appropriate package according to your needs from their website and use the license you have purchased according to your budget, if you wish, you can change your license package and switch to larger systems as your project grows.

Can I install WordPress?

plesk panel wordpress install

In terms of content and ease of the system, after making the panel installation and necessary settings, you can install wordpress with the tool included, install standard plugins and turn on automatic backup, you can install not only wp but many web software on your site with one click and start using it.

What system do I need for my website?

You can choose completely according to your budget and depending on your choice. For example, you can host and use many websites on the 5 dollar system you can buy from digital ocean, you can speed up your server by making the necessary settings and updates on the server.

My Plesk panel switch is gone, what should I do?

You can request a new key on the website of the Plesk panel and use it by entering the new key in the incoming mail, plesk gives 1 key for each mail, you need to re-register for each new key, in this case you can use it by generating temporary mail instead of using your own mail. It protects you from messages and allows you to get as many keys as you want.

How do I use the Plesk panel for free?

After filling in the relevant fields by entering the link below, you can enter the e-mail address you received from the protempmail site in the e-mail address section and enter the key that comes to your e-mail after registration, so that you do not give your information and you can register many times, in this way, there are thousands of people who have been using plesk for years without paying. .
Plesk panel trial How can I enter the key I received?

There are 2 ways for you to enter the key produced by the company for your e-mail;

1 - login via panel
2- Login via SSH

To log in from the first step, we first enter the homepage of our panel, then enter our current key from the settings section and the process is finished.

license -i AB1C23-4DEF56-7GHI89-JK1L23-MNP456

In the second step, if we have the server information, it is enough to connect to SSH and enter the key we have next to the code below.

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