What is a temporary e-mail address?

What is a temporary e-mail address?
Published in : 04 Apr 2022

What is a temporary e-mail address?

Temporary Mail


The security of personal information due to the normal e-mail address to share ideal for use in situations where that might be objectionable, (online movie download store loyalty card memberships, online shopping sites, online sweepstakes, online discussion groups, chat rooms, etc.), which occupy unnecessary space and more on our electronic mailbox publicity, advertising, campaign, membership requests, and the like and allows you to avoid spam mail that is sent for the purpose of an advanced e-mail service.

By online service providers for free or for a price, this disposable electronic mail addresses are automatically generated during a specific time and custom can be used, and when the time expires will be automatically cancelled. The duration of use may vary depending on the service provider providing this service.

What is the difference between dec regular and temporary email address?

 temporary email address
All operations that can be performed with regular e-mail addresses can also be performed with temporary e-mail addresses. Although there are no differences between them in functional terms, the several points they decouple can be summarized as follows.

While regular e-mail addresses have the ability to be used indefinitely, temporary e-mail addresses can be used for a certain period of time.
In order to open a regular e-mail account, it is necessary to register the personal information requested by the service provider (such as name, surname, user name, password), while receiving a temporary e-mail address, there is no request for personal information.
The regular e-mail account name is determined by the user, while temporary e-mail addresses are assigned by systems that work automatically.

What are the benefits of using a temporary e-mail address?

Electronic mail has gone far beyond being a tool that we use only to communicate with our family and friends or to run our businesses. So to speak, our e-mail address has become part of our credentials.

From being able to access any website or become a member of a service or program, we are used in such a wide area of our lives that we no longer use our email addresses. But this common use can also be a headache from time to time. Unnecessarily occupying our inbox, spam emails, advertising, promotion, campaign mailers, with questionable reliability addresses the risk of shipments from our accounts and our personal information being collected, too, we should not underestimate.

Use of a temporary e-mail address;

It is a safe haven against the risk of our personal accounts and information being seized.
There is no need to spend minutes to open an account. It can be removed in a few seconds.
It does not require a password usage requirement.
Do not forget!

The use of a temporary e-mail address acts as a lightning rod against elements that threaten our personal information security.

We have become both happy and happy with our lives that have become online and digital, like "loving a rose puts up with its thorn".

Our computer mouse or finger tips that trouble is just a click away food order sites, online movies, online shopping sites, online forums and discussion groups, chat rooms, and many more in order to access our e-mail address is located, where our most intimate personal knowledge , some of us are a little frightened, some of us there is a blind paylasmisiz with courage.

Here, even once, the site where we order food, the store where we shop, the platforms where we subscribe, never forgets us and almost every day, they start bombarding our inbox with discounts, campaigns, gift draws, free shopping checks, help request mailings that they send to our email addresses. And then we see that hundreds of unnecessary mails have accumulated in our inbox, which occupy a lot of space and need to be cleaned.

Although this part of the job may seem like something we can spend some time and figure out, the scary part is the risk that our personal information security may be under threat.

If we do not have enough technical knowledge to understand that the address extensions to which the mails are sent may be real or fake, the danger of our accounts being compromised means that we have a threat next to us at any time.

"But isn't there a way out of it?" if anyone asks, of course there is.

A temporary or disposable electronic mail service that has received names such as "Temporary mail", "Throwaway mail", "Disposable mail" in English.

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