Why should I use temporary mail?

Why should I use temporary mail?
Published in : 18 Nov 2022

Why should I use temporary mail?

Temporary e-mails prevent you from using temporary e-mails instead of your own e-mails when you become a member, and prevent you from dealing with unnecessary e-mails in the future.

How to use temporary mail?

You don't need any skills to use short-term emails, you just need to log in to protempmail.com and get an email address specially created for you on the main page, and you can become a member wherever you want, and when you're done, just leave the page.

How many temporary email addresses can I create?

As Pro Temp Mail family, we offer you the right to create unlimited temporary mail, you can create and use as many mail addresses as you want, if you wish, you can create a new mail for each place you will be a member and log in.

Do you save my information?

As the Temp mail family, we never record your information, all your transactions are within the framework of confidentiality, your mail is automatically deleted from our servers shortly after it reaches you.

How long are incoming mails stored?

The mails sent to the temporary addresses you have created are automatically deleted from our server within an average of 1 hour and can never be brought back.

Where can I register with a temporary e-mail address?

You can register and receive e-mails from all sites registered with an e-mail address, for example, you can take advantage of free or limited use programs and memberships by becoming a member of companies such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER, Bg Remover, ADOBE, PLESK.

Can I recreate the mail I created?

It is not possible to create e-mails created specifically for you, since they are special and instantaneous for you, we do not allow them to be created again in the future or so that others do not take action on your behalf.

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